Тем у кого заблочился скрил!

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Поках, сделайте гайд по решению проблемы, там нужно електронную подпись сделать и декларацию заполнить. Думаю проблема будет у многих. 



We have contacted you twice to request a Source of Wealth form in order to meet our verification requirements.


Our records indicate that 28 days have passed and we have not yet received this important document from you.


As outlined in our last email on this matter, we must now de-activate your account on a temporary basis.


We understand the inconvenience this may cause and wish to advise that we will re-activate your account immediately as soon as we receive the

required signed form and any additional information if any has been requested.



We appreciate your understanding and look forward to re-activating your account once this important verification process is complete.


Best regards,


The Skrill Team

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